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BLOG: Limiting Myself to Socio-Economic Projects

My practice has developed and grown tighter in its subject over the past few years. In a time of such excess political and economic uncertainty, I feel like it is more relevant than ever to create work that focuses on socio-economic issues. My work aims to generate discussion on how the economy controls so much of our lives, with both 'A Crap Town', and 'Bradford-by-the-sea' exploring aspects of this theme. My focus on these issues is heavily inspired by my political identity, with my ethics naturally aligned with how the economy can be utilized to build a better and fairer society for all. Another aspect of inspiration for the process of how I go about making work is investigative journalism, I am particularly inspired by Carole Cadwalladr and Owen Jones, who I consider major role models and likewise thinkers for my political identity. To talk a little bit about who these people are, I will start with Carole Cadwalladr, the female journalist who produced the groundbreaking insight into Cambridge Analytica and Facebook's involvement in the US elections, the Brexit vote, and the following UK elections. Cadwalladr, with the inside insight provided by whistleblower Chris Wylie and later on, Brittany Kaiser, was able to uncover the scandal of interference in the US and UK democracies by Cambridge Analytica through the exploitation of Facebook's Ads and Algorithm systems. After reading her article, 'The Great British Brexit Robbery', published by The Guardian, I was heavily inspired by how much she had uncovered, and how her work here would hopefully go on to ensure that this could not happen again. With Owen Jones, his political commentary aligns with my own for the majority of the time, making him a natural role model in this area of producing work, I always look to Jones for analysis of events in the U.K on a more local level than Cadwalladr, while Carole Cadwalladr explores the possibilities of interference on a more international level, Owen Jones tends to focus on issues that affect the everyday Brit, of which my work also focuses on. This inspiration from investigative journalists gives me the drive to produce work that is as objective as possible as photographic art. This objectivity means I can produce a neutral body of work that assesses facts to build both a story and potential for discussion. I am highly interested as a topic within both politics and photography how the economy dictates so much of the world, in such a capitalist and exploitative society, our free will is controlled partially by the state of the economy of the countries we reside in, these man-made borders and man-made currencies can literally alter, make, or break the life you live, and I find it very interesting to explore scenarios where the economy in Britain has done just that. To give an example of this, 'Bradford-by-the-sea' explores how the economy of differing periods led people predominantly of the upper-middle class and lower working classes to migrate from Bradford to Morecambe with the ambition of a better life, eventually settling and changing the very ancestral fabric of the town. In terms of other artists' work that inspired my choice to work primarily on socio-economic projects, I will talk in more depth about the following work in upcoming blog posts: Danyelle Rolla - Declaration of Independence Paul Sng - Invisible Britain

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