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INFLUENCE: TED talk on democratic freedoms in a post-Brexit world and in the era of Facebook

This TED talk, given by Carole Cadwalladr, may not seem all that important when looking at my work, but her insight into the connected world is inspiring to me as a photographer who is working WITH the connected world.

In this talk, Cadwalladr addresses her article that went viral where she exposed the injustices in both the 2016 U.S election and the Brexit referendum, and how they are both connected.

For a photographer in this day and age, I live my life online, in the era of Facebook I have never been more connected to strangers, which to be working on the projects that I work on, is extremely useful, but when do the connections possible on Facebook turn sour? When do they turn corrupt? In both Cadwalladr's talk and her explosive articles, we can begin to understand how Facebook can be utilized as a weapon, acting primarily against democracy to achieve the goals of a ruling class that can pump an unrestricted of untraceable money into targeting an unknowing populace.

Perhaps now, truly, humans are the world's most valuable commodity.

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