• Mark Attwood

INFLUENCE: Paul Sng: Invisible Britain

Sng’s Invisible Britain explores identity as a British national, placing a focus on the working classes and the invisible people of the country, we can see how the population have adapted to life during political and economic uncertainty.

This was the first area of research that kicked this project idea off and was found at FORMAT Festival in Derby.

As I read the stories in this book I found myself inspired to explore the ideas of a sub-community after coming to the realization that Brexit had effectively split the nation into two very large sub-communities, those who voted remain and those who voted leave. This sub-community idea found a perfect place close to home in the sub-community that I am part of, the Morecambe populace whose heritage lies in Bradford.

The work influenced my decision to keep shooting square format, as I have explored in a prior blog post, this format brings with it a sense of formality and unity, which I think was important so as to not take away from the topics of the work. it also gave me the idea to present text as an equally important aspect of the work, sitting opposite to the portraiture itself.

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