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INFLUENCE: Maryam Wahid: Archives Locating Home

In 'Archives Locating Home', Maryam Wahid explores her own identity and heritage through the photographing of archival images of her family history.

Wahid’s work influenced me in the focus I placed on heritage and geographic identity, through her use of found images to “locate” and archive her heritage she gave me the idea to photograph artifacts still in the possession of the subjects, to place a focus on the idea that they have kept these deeply personal and intimate items as shrines or memoirs to their heritage, and to present these artifacts as evidence or snapshots of their historical ‘institution’.

“Her photographs focus on the mass integration of migrants in Britain. More specifically, she explores her family’s roots in the Midlands, and their personal, yet arguably universal, experience as immigrants. In her series Archives Locating Home, Wahid positions family photographs from 1950s Pakistan among those taken in Britain decades later.” - British Journal of Photography

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