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INFLUENCE: Danyelle Rolla: Declaration of Independence

Danyelle Rolla’s work is influential to me as a body of work that explores a divided (and predominantly working-class)Britain in the 21st century, she explores Post-Brexit Boston and the local issues that followed. What interested me was her exploration of a community of mostly leave voters, in her production of this work she quite literally created a sub-community of people within that larger community through the act of photographing them, in the same way my own body of work identified and sealed the creation of the sub-community within Morecambe, although I must include that these sub-communities are vastly different, and were created under different circumstances. Her focus on migration also somewhat mirrors my own work in this project, focusing on the effects migration has on small U.K towns and the effects of her own migration.

Rolla talks here about how she saw her community split in two by migration and how this resulted in the town harboring the highest ‘Vote Leave’ support in the U.K;

What I was witnessing was two sides of a coin. ‘Heads’ were unhappy with the lack of housing, reduction in work opportunities and a sense of lost identity within the community. ‘Tails’ were happy to build a new life in a country with better opportunities and better pay. I could see both sides and in a strange way, because I was both sides, A British national economically driven to the town. [...]Declaration of Independence is an integral reflection of the residence of Boston, both British and Eastern European.”

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