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BLOG: Writing For The Book

In terms of writing for the book, i thought it crucial for me to write up certain elements of story that are important to how this all happened. I placed this write up just after the foreword, to serve as a basic introduction that groups together all the stories the viewer is about to read. 'The Story' covers how working class labourers would come to the town for work(and still do) from North West Yorkshire, it also covers how the richer families(some working class families too) would holiday in the town, and how both reasons would eventually result in the idea that living in Morecambe would give them a better quality of life than living in the more industrial city of Bradford. The second involvement of text in the book is the write-ups of the individual stories, these are completely unedited, and left solely to the subjects themselves, in the hopes that you can read into their personality through their stories. By leaving these stories unedited, we get an insight that is completely untouched by me, so as to not be a voyeur among my subjects, this allowed me to level myself as equal to them In the production of the work.

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