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BLOG: Working With A Graphic Designer

"I am a fun, loving, optimistic, and ideas based graphic designer with a constant desire to learn. I have a particular interest in editorial design, but I like to explore all elements of design and also other disciplines such as printmaking and photography. Experimentation is a key part of my design process as I try to make my work look unique and stand out." - Timothy Stewart You can find Tims work at: https://timothystew.art/work Working with Tim I have known Tim for some time now, and know of his great amount of talent as a designer, I've always admired the seemingly experimental aesthetic quality of his work, and I hope this transfers to his work with my project. I think knowing the artist you work with is extremely helpful when co-producing a piece of work, as it allows you to be more relaxed when discussing ideas together. Shared folders(Quarantine Collaboration) Because of the U.K lockdown, I could not physically approach Tim with my work on, say, a USB, so I had to utilize cloud storage to produce a shared folder from which we could both work from and add materials to. This method does require much more discussion and can result in confusion if not well managed but in these times it is what we must do to move forward, and I believe this is the best possible method at this time. Getting his input to the work To fully make this a "collaborative" piece, I've given Tim creative freedom to do what HE thinks best, after all, he is the designer and I am the photographer, it would be naive of me to think I could do that job to anywhere near the standard he could. I trust fully in Tims's creative ability to produce something I would probably not have thought of doing, and this is why I believe he was the best person to work with on this piece.

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