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BLOG: Working on Bradford-by-the-sea

The idea for this body of work came about at a similar time to the production of 'A Crap Town', I had just been to FORMAT Festival in Derby and picked up a copy of Paul Sng's 'Invisible Britain', the book inspired me to explore the ideas of a sub-community after coming to the realization that Brexit had effectively split the nation into two major sub-communities, those who voted remain and those who voted leave. This sub-community idea found a perfect place close to home, in the sub-community that I am a part of, the Morecambe populace whose heritage lies in Bradford. The second reason I came to make such a people-focused project was on the basis that 'A Crap Town' was such a place-focused project, and I consider these two projects part of the same much wider project that focuses on the overall story of the town I call home. With this project being so close to home, this work is as much a narrative about me as it is about everyone featured, I explore my own heritage through my new connections to these subjects, and thus it becomes an educational tool for myself as well as the viewers. A major aspect of this work, of course, was engaging with new people within this same community, and this was particularly challenging for myself as I consider myself to be quite the introvert(whether that's true or not I have no idea). I succeeded here by allowing the subjects to take a more active role in their own depictions, removing the voyeuristic elements that could have made for an awkward situation as a fairly quiet photographer.

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