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BLOG: Why Bradford-by-the-sea is the gateway project to much more important work

Bradford-by-the-sea provided a crucial start for me by forcing me to engage with people who were involved, which as a naturally quite introverted person can be challenging.

This project allowed me to think about wider implications of immigration, and the long term effects an economy can have on a place.

These are very real issues in modern day Britain, and I believe this exploration will lead me onto work that is much more "important" in the world. I aim to make work that highlights the issues people are facing as a direct result of economic conditions they are under. All of which could be about to be risen by the current pandemics effects on the global economy, with a global recession the likes of which the world has never seen before, almost guaranteed.

I want my work to be the voice that leads to real discussion and change in small communities that suffer the most under vicious austerity.

Bradford-by-the-sea also provided a much needed jump in social engagement, with 'A Crap Town' being such a place oriented body of work, I missed the crucial element in socially engaged work, the 'social' element. With Bradford-by-the-sea I aimed to go in the opposite direction and focus entirely on the social aspect of working as a photographer.

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