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BLOG: The Diptych

As I shot my first test shoots for the project, I came to the conclusion that displaying these images as individuals took away from the context of the aesthetic value of the two when paired together. Since this realisation, I began shooting 'Bradford-by-the-sea' with the sole intention of displaying the images in pairs, so that when they were displayed together, the two images would lend contextual details to the other.

While this diptych isn't portraiture, I believe it works well as a pair as it shows the merging of the two places, it shows Poulton Church, one of the oldest churches in Morecambe, with two people of significance to the building etched into the foundations, and what is interesting about this is that the etching of the word Morecmabe predates the time when Morecambe was officially given its name under the uniting of the districts Poulton, Bare and Torrisholme to become Morecambe. Through these two images we can see the coming together of the city and the town even over 100 years ago, it shows that this heritage runs deep into the very fabric of the town. I ended up only partially using diptychs in the book, this was because I decided some simply worked better as individual images, with the text opposing it, and it allowed the flow of the work to have pauses and breaks that are crucial to keeping people invested.

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