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BLOG: Sizing and working on Prints

Sizing prints is always a crucial element for any exhibition, deciding what paper to use, how to mount the work, and at what size, is the difference between an effective and ineffective showing.

After my exhibition for 'A Crap Town', I decided to run with a similar size print, at 16x16inches, the 'A Crap Town' prints were framed in wood, mounted with a 3d printed design patented to Lancaster University. However I didn't like the idea of using the 3d printed design or the wooden framing again, and so I argued with myself over a great amount of time over how to print and mount my work.

I created two main scenarios for the display of my work.

SCENARIO 1. Diptych prints with lightboxes, to create depth when displayed with the large wall mural. This idea revolved around the idea of depth, to make the images stand out almost three-dimensional to the mural.

SCENARIO 2. More images, presented as singular prints, mounted on Dibond, with the large wall mural present. This method would work very well as I would be able to present more work in print form, which could potentially work better for a wider story. I chose scenario 2, due to a few reasons, reason one being budget, this freed up more budget to get higher-quality prints, and more books to present with the work. Reason two was, as previously stated, the belief that I could present more of the story on the wall, which after all is what the exhibition is about, seeing the work displayed in print form.

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