• Mark Attwood

BLOG: Shooting a 6x6 TLR Camera

I shoot my work predominantly on a YashicaMat 6x6 TLR camera, and this is why. A TLR is naturally quite odd to the uninitiated, and this can be incredibly useful when photographing people who I am not at all familiar with, as the camera is a natural conversation starter, with its two lenses people can be taken aback by its appearance, and this works well to lead them into the topic of my photography. Because of this, it allows me to slow down and spend time with the subject, which I believe takes away some potential voyeurism that resides in the process of shooting the work. I also prefer the formality that I associate with shooting in square format, the consistent framing creates a much more focused approach to a story than if I was to utilize different ratios and formats of camera.

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