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BLOG: Projects Based On Migration

A list of photographers and their work that explore themes of migration, a topic that is extremely prevalent in my Bradford-by-the-sea work. These works may or may not have been inspirational in the process of the work, but i have added them in as interesting bodies of work that explore crucial issues and topics in modern-day Britain.

Seba Kurtis - Heartbeat Kurtis’s photography in the project, 'Heartbeat', is created by manipulating the negatives. The body of work presents 'invisible' portraits of refugees. "Kurtis creates a visual parallel with the way the police use heartbeat detectors to search for illegal refugees hiding inside cargo trucks. Unseen, yet exposed. The obscure image in these photographs is made by overexposing the film, and only a closer look reveals the imperceptible silhouettes. This technique paradoxically helps make the overlooked situation of migrants more visible. The method of using the faded effect also blurs a purely documentary nature of Kurtis’s photography, representing the vague memory of disappeared persons and unfulfilled expectations." - Christophe Guye Galerie

Danyelle Rolla - Declaration of Independence "Over the past four years, social documentary photographer, Danyelle Rolla, has been documenting the residents of Boston and Skegness. Through intense participant research, she has produced a collection of images that document the struggles the constituency has face leading to their European scepticism. Escalating immigration and increased demand on public services have resulted in a divided. This intimate project explores issues that are reflected throughout Europe which have resulted in a sense of lost identity and an increase of nationalism." - The Archive Collective

Maryam Wahid - Archives Locating Home "In her series 'Archives Locating Home', Wahid positions family photographs from 1950's Pakistan among those taken in Britain decades later." - British Journal of Photography

Mahtub Hussain - You Get Me? 'You Get Me?' addresses the contested political terrain of race and representation, respect, and cultural difference. "The title of his series comes from the question, “You get me?”, a phrase common among those who find themselves out of sync, which sounds aggressive but “hides the sense of vulnerability of those who ask”. “They feel insecure, but in reality, they do not realise their strength,” says Hussain. “I think that they are hybrid beings containing the richness of more cultures. I believe that internationalism is the next level of human being.”" - British Journal of Photography

Chris Steele-Perkins - The New Londoners "Originating as an exploration of individuals who have fled places of conflict, to rebuild their lives in the U.K, Chris Steele-Perkins‘s 'The New Londoners' has over time expanded to look more broadly at all sorts of families of diverse origins who have settled in London. A book on the project is to be published on Brexit day, and documents 164 families, collectively hailing from 187 countries." - Magnum Photos

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