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BLOG: Overcoming Quarantine in the Final Semester

Working with Skype for meetings

Skype is something that is almost totally new to me and has been thrust upon me by COVID-19, while not much of a learning curve, it's very nature is quite odd when your lecture takes place miles away from each other, rather than with each other. However, I feel it has run completely smoothly, surprisingly, with no hiccups along the way yet.

Working with subjects

I have of course had to stop photographing subjects of my work, and while this has been a saddening moment for me, it has meant that I could photograph much closer to home, with my parents. It has been odd photographing such mundane tasks that they perform and to be feeling happy about it, just to be taking photographs at all is good in these times.

Staying productive elsewhere As part of my goal to stay productive, I have had to do other things, I bought plants to give myself a real routine, and a keyboard so I could be practicing piano when there is nothing else to do, hobbies are the key to getting through this pandemic, and get through it we will.

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