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BLOG: Mural Idea

My mural idea was to create a large image that consisted of small extracts of text from everybodies stories, mixed together so that it became unreadable, through this action I created a metaphor for the realization that while everybodies story is different, realistically they all ended up in morecambe for the same reason, the hope of a better quality of life.

The idea for the wall mural was heavily inspired by the presentation method used by Maisie Cousins for her work at LOOK Photo Biennial 2019. In the showing, Cousins had prints framed and hung in alternating heights, over the top of a wallpaper/vinyl image. While she printed another of her images onto the wall, I seeked to put large amounts of text onto the wall.

My initial argument for this idea once I had developed how it would look, was whether to use vinyl or wallpaper, and the effects that come with each method. One major problem with both methods were the portability of the print, because both, once put up at the degree show, would've been very difficult to take down from the wall without ripping the print so I would have to print twice, one for Free Range, and one for Degree Show. Within this issue, the two did have differences in that vinyl would be much more likely to stay together when taking down than wallpaper.

In terms of aesthetic, vinyl produced a higher amount of shine than wallpaper, which I thought may detract away from the prints if the shine was too much. Wallpaper however would create a much more muted tone, potentially more suited to displaying text. I also had to decide whether to dedicate a space in the book for the mural, and whether the mural was necessary for the book at all.I decided not to, to limit the pages that were present in the book, because with both my project, the foreword, and Ellie's project, it became a little on the large side.

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