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BLOG: Making Work in the North West

Making work about issues in the North West Making work in the North West has made me realise just how different the area is in terms of the reach of art in the area. On one hand, the North East is a fountain of photographic work that explores major issues in that area, and on the other, you have the North West which seems to have an enormous void of social documentary photography. Now perhaps I am wrong, and simply looking in the wrong place, but aside from the likes of Open Eye Gallery(which more often than not are sharing work by artists from elsewhere that sometimes are making work locally), there isn't really a large voice coming out of the North West in contemporary photography. This is exceptionally sad when the North West has such a strong cultural history, with many issues along the way that are not being addressed, or at least not in a highly publicised way. With my work, I aim to work on these boundaries to make work about real issues in the region I call home.

Tadgh Devlin and his work, 'Life Beyond Diagnosis', a collaboration with NHS Merseyside exploring people suffering with Dementia, is more or less the only work I could find that is focused on people in the region. And so I open this blog post up for discussion, for whether people viewing this can prove me wrong and show me the fountain of North West photography that I'm sure is flowing somewhere out there.

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