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BLOG: Lightboxes

As I shot my first test shoots for the project, I came to the conclusion that displaying these images as individuals took away from the context of the aesthetical value of the two when paired together. Since this realization, I began shooting 'Bradford-by-the-sea' with the sole intention of displaying the images in pairs, to lend context to the portraiture. On top of this, I decided that when presenting my work in an exhibition format, these diptychs could be best presented on light boxes, which would add a three-dimensional aspect to the showing, and with the inclusion of the large story mural, it would be necessary to stand out from the mural. at this point, I was not 100% set on lightboxes, and so I looked at other print types, below I have listed all the paper types I looked at, and the different sites I viewed for potentially printing my work: Sources: Metro Imaging

Genesis Imaging Paper: Duratran(at 32x16in, the cost was around £100 in total per print, from Metro Imaging) Vinyl(for printing the mural, the cost was around £150 for 60x40in, from Metro Imaging) C-Type Metallic/Velvet(cost was around £110 for 32x16in per print, from Metro Imaging) I ordered a sample pack from Genesis Imaging, which helped me choose the Hahnemuhle Photo Paper, which has a nice textured feel, I thought this would work best with the work, despite being quite an expensive paper. I finally decided against lightboxes however in favour of a more traditional paper printing(Hahnemuhle), with the potential to mount onto Dibond. I did this as I believe the traditional element of the printing would suit the work more than the lightbox. Also, the price was a major factor due to my exhibition budget being stretched thin if I had chosen this method.

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