• Mark Attwood

BLOG: Films based on social issues

Here's a list of some of my favourite films that I find inspirational in terms of the storytelling, or its in-depth analysis of social issues.

I, Daniel Blake - directed by Ken Loach I, Daniel Blake explores the issues surrounding the inhumane state of the welfare system, and how it affects working people and families. throughout the film we get to see how the welfare system has been laid out in such an inhumane way that people still have to resort to food banks and help from elsewhere, it is a harrowing and moving tale of working-class life in a country ripped apart by austerity.

Brexit: The Uncivil War - directed by Todd Haynes In this film, we follow Benedict Cumberbatch as he portrays the political strategist and now Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister, Dominic Cummings. The film explores how Cummings and other affiliates utilized data and behavioural analysis to swing voters in their favour, it explores the strategy and campaigns that led to Brexit, and the stories in between. The film displays a comedic thriller aesthetic whilst dealing with extremely serious issues that can be considered a true threat to democracy in the U.K, this is odd but is effective in showing how Brexit happened.

Spotlight - directed by Tom McCarthy Spotlight follows the investigative journalism team, 'Spotlight' at the Boston Globe, as they uncover systemic and widespread child sex abuse within the Catholic Church. Within this storyline, Spotlight uncovers a large cover-up by the church, who are shown to be almost untouchable. Through their work they uncover 87 priests who committed child abuse and had their crimes covered up, this then goes on to uncover a vast web of similar events at Catholic Churches all over the world.

The Great Hack - David Carroll, directed by Karim Amer, Jehane Noujaim The Great Hack examines Facebook and Cambridge Analytica's role in both Brexit and the U.S election. Through various sources, David Carroll narrates the timeline of events and shady dealings that led to both events, calling into question the state of democracy in both nations, and whether elections could ever be fair again in the era of Facebook.

Dirty Money - directed by Alex Gibney Dirty Money is an anthology-style series that examines corrupt companies and people, and their effects on the world around them. notable episodes include the 'NOx' episode, which examines Volkswagens defeat machines that were used to produce fake results that would make environmentally dangerous vehicles seem environmentally friendly, and the history and cover-ups inside the company.

13th - directed by Ana DuVernay 13th, by Ana DuVernay, explores the 'small print' behind the 13th Amendment, in which slave labour was banned in the U.S... except if you're in prison. Throughout the film, we see analysis of the timeline of events that occurred that would land the U.S with the title of the worlds highest amount of incarcerated people, of which a massive majority are black. This film calls into question whether slave labour could ever have been considered banned, as it would appear it had just been hidden under a new name.

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