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BLOG: CV Development

A crucial part of anyone's life, let alone artists, is the creation of many, many CV's, they're how we professionally present ourselves to others, and how we get work, so naturally, they have to look the part, as do you. However, as an artist, your CV must look extra special to potential employers, galleries, curators, etc etc. The Creatives CV must include a few things to distinguish itself from a standard CV. 1. You must outline your area/format of work(For me this is specifically socio-economic documentary photography). 2. An about section that details your area/format of work, more in-depth, this could be where you distinguish yourself from other artists who make similar work, why is yours different? 3. Relevant experience, now, of course, this applies to all CV's, but I believe more so to the arts, where you must be able to demonstrate your previous experience in the area you claim to be working in. 4. Exhibitions, does this really need detailing? you must include exhibitions as credibility for your position as an artist. Here is my CV, made for a mock application as part of the university assessment in Professional Practice.

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