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BLOG: Call for Volunteers

This is the call for volunteers i placed on Facebook to start the conversation that would lead to photographing subjects. I had a large amount of replies as you can see, and with people sharing the post i was able to contact a great number of people, unfortunately not all were willing to have their image taken, but all provided stories that were interesting and allowed me to learn the details of what brought many of the people to Morecambe. This project could easily expand from here, and through the use of social media i suspect it will. Social media is a brilliant tool for engaging with potential subjects, and it allows you to reach a much larger amount of people than would be possible through word of mouth.

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BLOG: Social Media!

I must point out at the current point in this blog, with social media being so crucial to a modern-day photographer, that links to my Instagram and Twitter profiles can be found through the use of two

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