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BLOG: Applying For Source

Source Magazine - "Source is a quarterly photography magazine, available in print and as a digital edition, published in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We publish emerging photographic work and engage with the latest in contemporary photography through news, thoughtful features, and reviews of the latest exhibitions and books from Ireland and the UK. Our website brings together an archive of writing and pictures from the magazine alongside current features."

Applying for Source 2020 - I will be applying for Source 2020, as part of the wider submission as a university, at a cost of £33 each. With this cost, we get a 1-year digital subscription to Source, access to the back issue archive and monthly e-bulletin which will ensure we all stay informed with news and opportunities from the photography world. This is incredibly beneficial for a newly graduating photography student, as Source is really the group at the forefront of supporting new, graduate work, alongside Photograd as well. It also potentially help meet new people who are making similar work and thus helps new graduates connect with other people in the industry.

Screenshot taken from the Source 2020 Graduate Submission area - https://www.source.ie/graduate/submission/index.html

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