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BLOG: A Collision of Community

'A Collision of Community' is a project made in response to Bradford-by-the-sea, by collage artist Ellie Lauder, her work becomes a very physical disruption of both individual areas whilst merging these two communities together, acting as a mirror for the merging of the communities of Bradford and Morecambe due to migration. When I approached Ellie, my idea was for her to fully respond in her own way to the work I had produced, with a theme of group identity, I believe she did this, by using her signature style to combine two worlds she effectively portrays the merging of culture between the two areas. Here is Ellies statement regarding 'A Collision of Community': "When asked to create a series of illustrations for my side of this project, I wanted to produce something that captured both the “industrial” appearance of Bradford and the “holiday sunshine” of Morecambe. 'A Collision of Community' represents a very physical disruption of both areas, resulting in a merging that mirrors the collision of the people of Bradford and Morecambe. Whilst both areas are vastly different in appearance, these images seek to represent both areas as one and the same through the production of purely imagined landscapes."

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