'Lockdown Chronicles' is a personal body of work documenting my living space, family, and activities throughout the U.K Coronavirus pandemic, focusing on the pastimes, the mundane activities, and the reunion with our normal lives once the lockdowns had passed. The worldwide lockdowns forced over one-third of the planet into their homes, and the world, for the most part, responded by creating new ways of killing time, of learning new things, and of existing in a way that jobs prevented them from doing previously, somehow the world managed to become incredibly detached yet more connected than ever. Our response, in particular, was to do the things that we didn't get time for previously, a way of winning back the time that everyday working life had taken from us.

This work displays the mundanities and tasks we undertook to kill the time that we never had the chance to do before, from growing our own herbs and vegetables to decorating our house.

Images are chaotic and non-linear to depict the destruction of routine and similarity that has occurred in our lives.