'Bradford-by-the-sea' explores the effects of economic strife as an often-fundamental cause in the change of small communities in modern-day Britain. By placing a focus on the people of Morecambe whose heritage lies in Bradford, we can summarise why the economy of the time led so many from one place to another. The work focuses on community and group identity and seeks to show pride in the subculture of people that make up this body of work.

The town of Morecambe would not exist in its current form if not for the city of Bradford, with such a large mass movement of people from the city for various reasons resulting in a change in the heritage of the local population, thus the town eventually received the title, Bradford-by-the-sea.

This project involved collaborative participation through the telling of each subject's stories. Participants were invited to respond to the request for the story of their journeys from Bradford to Morecambe, and were involved fully in the production of the images within the work, images being taken of areas and artefacts that the subjects themselves chose as important to their own stories.