Mark Attwood is a photographer whose current practice explores socio-economic issues with a particular focus on themes of community and identity in modern-day Britain, and how these three areas are 0ften strongly intertwined. Attwood's process is largely research-led and so far has often explored his own relation to a place or people.

Attwood is currently working with local councillors and organisations in the North West on a long-term project exploring the journey from homelessness to secured housing, via images created by those who have experienced it themselves. His work is moving in the direction of a sub-genre of photography known as socially engaged photography, in which the artist lends more prevalence to the subjects as active participants and contributors within the work. Attwood believes this format of work is highly important in the current socio-economic environment of uncertainty we exist in, when people need a stronger ability to represent themselves, accurately and without bias.

The goal in Attwood's work is to be the creator of conversations and debate, to be able to better assess the causes of change in communities in modern-day Britain, and allow the people going through that change to better represent themselves with the goal of working for change.

Attwood is heavily inspired by artists such as Chris Killip, William Eggleston, Anthony Luvera, and Jane Evelyn Atwood.


Image by ©Cameron Paterson.


Theatre By The Lake, Circle Gallery, Keswick
Violence Portrayal, 2019

Borderlands, Vallum Gallery, Carlisle
A Crap Town, 2019

Photosight, Online Showcase
Bradford-by-the-sea, 2020

Photograd2020, Online Showcase
Bradford-by-the-sea, 2020

2020vision, University of Cumbria Arts Show

Bradford-by-the-sea, 2020