Mark Attwood is a documentary photographer whose work focuses on socio-economic issues, identity, and community in modern-day Britain. His work aims to tell a story that acts as evidence to support the statement he makes within each body of work. The genre of documentary photography can be very broad in its subject matter and is often perceived as voyeuristic in its nature, and so his current work aims to take a more 'socially engaged' approach, to place the subject on a more equal level of importance in the production of the work as him, the creator.

There are two major projects featured here as of right now, the first, 'A Crap Town' is an exploration of place, and seeks to show how economic strife and a series of unfortunate events can lead to the downfall of a town as a popular resort, whilst also providing an argument that the town the project focuses on(Morecambe), is again on the rise, with investment improving the town and bringing back visitors to the area, and with the Eden Project on the horizon, this appears to be the start of a new era for the town.

The second body of work is currently a work in progress, 'Bradford-by-the-sea' explores the idea of economic strife as an often fundamental cause in the change of small communities in modern-day Britain. 

The goals in Attwood's work is to be the creator of conversations and debate, to assess the causes of change and struggles in communities in modern-day Britain. He believes creating these debates is more vital than ever, living in the era of Brexit, Trump, and economic and political uncertainty.

Images by ©Cameron Paterson.


Theatre By The Lake, Circle Gallery
Violence Portrayal

Borderlands, Vallum Gallery
A Crap Town

Photosight, University of Cumbria


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